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Mobile apps solution for educational institutions is a solution that covers the interaction between students or parents and an educational institution. As every institution is different with different structure and concepts, Appworks customises its solution of Mobile Apps for and mobile-friendly websites for the institution. This solution helps to improve communication, share student and teacher success stories, policy updates, helpful tips and other important information.

Student, Parents and Teachers feature-rich mobile application for providing interactive methods of communication, such as:

  • Pop-up messages and instant alert
  • Send absentee notes
  • Newsletters now on Mobile Apps for Schools
  • Built-in homework & schedule tracker
  • School activities and event
  • Online payment systems
  • Test results and mark sheets

The solution provides an easy tunnel to communicate to parents allowing them to be aware of happening in children’s institution, also institutions to have more accurate information to share with students families. Helps parents to be in touch with school activities through Mobile Apps for Schools, thereby helping them to know what is going on!

For educational institutions it helps in eliminating the paperwork or printing of newsletters, thereby enhances the financial benefits. Class notes & reminders are communicated securely by school staff to the parent via mobile phone apps for schools thereby eliminates frustrations of notes being returned late.



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